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This meaningful partnership between a committed group of Canadians and Bolivians has and will continue to change lives. With your support, children and their families can continue to reach higher levels of education and break the cycle of poverty.

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See exactly how your donations are making a direct and meaningful impact on the lives of Bolivian Kids and their families. 


The full cost of providing enriched preschool programming for each child is $1000.

Early Years Are Critical

The first three years of a child’s life are critical years for healthy development - 85% of a child's brain is wired by age 3!

Sariry provides infants with a stimulating and caring environment that supports optimal growth and development. Meanwhile, their parents feel secure knowing their infant is well cared for while they work.

Bolivia Kids Teachers.jpg

The annual salary cost of a teacher at Sariry is $2,000.

Teachers Show Us The Way

Each teacher plays a crucial role in the lives of the children attending Sariry. We all know the value of good teachers, in Tilata they are event more important.

Teachers build resilience and hope by providing the children with nurturing, caring relationships. These relationships extend a child’s education by supporting them to succeed and stay in school. Without these teachers in their lives, most of the children would drop out by grade 4, unable to overcome many of the barriers they face.


The cost of providing a full, four-year university education, including room and board is $4000.

Smashing Expectations

For Sariry students, the once unimaginable dream of a university education is becoming a reality. A university degree opens the door to significant opportunities for meaningful and sustainable employment in the formal sector.

Bolivia Kids is offering scholarships for Sariry graduates. Not only will this change the life trajectory of students, but it will also change the lives of future children and grandchildren.



The cost of purchasing books and supplies is $75.

Reading is Fundamental 

Most of the children in the program come from illiterate homes. Reaching higher levels of education is essential to breaking the cycle of poverty.

Sariry works with parents to help improve their literacy, which in turn supports their children’s reading acquisition. By purchasing books and supplies for Sariri, you are helping to foster a love of reading that will expand a child’s horizon.


The cost of providing a hot, nutritious lunch every day for a child for a full year is $250.

Food Lets Us Focus

Most children come to Sariry severely malnourished. Children cannot learn if they are hungry. Food is an incredibly important part of the equation at the school.

Every day children are provided with a hot lunch prepared on site. For most, it is the most nutritious food- if not the only food - they will consume all day.


The cost of providing medical supplies and wellness checks for everyone in the community each year is $650.

Strong Bodies, Strong Minds

Families living in Tilata often do not have access to regular medical care.

Sariry organizes health and dental clinics to ensure that everyone living in the community receives primary medical care.

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