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Our Mission

The Canada-Bolivia Children's Society (or Bolivia Kids) works in partnership with Bolivian communities to imporve the health, education and well-being of children and youth. Together, we envision a world where all children have the opportunity to realize their full potential. Our goal is to improve the future of children by identifying and harnessing their strengths.


Bolivia Kids works with approximately 80 marginalized children between the ages of 5 and 18 years in a classroom setting in Tilata. Children access our programs before or after school. (In Bolivia, children attend school in the morning or afternoon only.) They engage in tutorial sessions, literacy classes, leadership and life skills training, outdoor education, and some vocational training. The children also receive a hot lunch, vitamins, an annual check up and health education.


Our projects are small, grass roots, and have tremendous community involvement. The communities - including the children and youth - define the needs, priorities, and goals. They participate actively in planning, implementation and decision making.

About Bolivia Kids 

Families contribute what they can to the projects, including small financial contributions. Most importantly they contribute their time. Together, we develop strategies that address the root causes of poverty. It has been a wonderful and rich learning experience for us all as we exchange ideas, share knowledge, contribute resources, and collaborate to enhance children's access to educational opportunities and health care.


Bolivia Kids strives to promote equality, develop sustainable solutions, and create collaborative and inclusive processes. Addressing current needs is our immediate focus. However, Bolivia kids and the children at our projects have shared many dreams for the future, including a Canada-Bolivia youth exchange. We're just getting started, and welcome you to be a part of it!

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