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The pandemic has caused pronlonged school closures resulting in enormous challenges for students and families, such as distrupted access to school meals, deteriorating mental health and significant learning losses. Bolivian students have endured some of the longest school closures in the world - over 69 weeks - as disruptions continue. To counter the potentially devastating long-term impacts of school closures, Bolivia Kids and its local partner, the Sariry Foundation, developed Mobile Education.


A team of instructors, armed with education materials and tech tablets, walk through the community several times weekly to provide enriched learning opportunities for children in their homes and neighbourhoods. Our focus is to work especially with children who have learning challenges to ensure these bright, capable kids are not further left behind.


Our partnership with the Breteau Foundation provides educational apps and innovative edu-tech solutions that enable these on-the-go instructures to meet the needs of every unique learner they visit. 


Mobile Education also provides an incredible opportunity to support parents and engage them in their children's education. Early evaluations show that 100% of children in the mobile education program are performing at our above grade level! Not only are kids staying on track, they are staying motivated despite considerable uncertainty.


For $150 you can gift a family with mobile education.

The Gift of Mobile Learning

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