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Food security is vital for good health. Everyone should access sufficient, safe and nutritious food to ensure they live a a productive, active and healthy life.


By purchasing this gift, you are supporting Bolivia Kids and your local food bank to provide a family in Canada and Bolivia with a basket of food.


Bolivia Kids provides children with a daily hot nutritious lunch at Project Sariry to overcome and prevent malnutrition. With COVID-19 closures, we have delivered food supplies to families doorsteps. Many of these families earn their money on a daily basis which limits their capacity to endure long periods of quarantine.


Similarly, local food banks in Canada are the first line of emergency food support for families and individuals facing crisis. The need for food support provided by these organizations has increased dramatically during the pandemic.

NOURISH - A Family In Canada & in Bolivia

  • For each of our Charity Gifts we will send you a downloadable certificate that you can keep yourself or give as a gift. So, as well as putting a smile on the face of your loved one, you can be happy in the knowledge that your gift will keep on giving to those most in need. 

    *Please get in touch with for a tax receipt for any donation above $50.

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