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In partnership with Jatha, a local organization, Bolivia Kids offers adolescents unique opportunities to develop their leadership and resilience through outdoor pursuits. These adventures provide opportunities to bond with fellow adventurers and adult trip leaders, creating a strong sense of community, and to strengthen adaptive skills, confidence and self-efficacy by learning new skills in challenging environments. Nature can be transformative for mental and physical health and developing brains too! Outdoor adventure results in increased problem-solving skills, creativity, improved attention, reduced anxiety and depression, a sense of awe and wonder, and healthy emotional and physical well-being! 


Youth that participate in this annual program experience 12 adventures, including rappelling and climbing to the renowned Huyana Potosi Glacier! They also participate in 20 workshops that include an introductory meditation and learning sessions about the environment, outdoor prepartion, and Andean philosophy, economy, sport and medicine.


With a donation of $350, you can give a young Bolivian student the gift of the magical ourdoors! 

The Gift of Adventure

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