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History of Sonia Laura Huanca

Sonia's family are migrants from rural areas. Sonia came to Project Sariry when she was 9 years old with her two little brothers. They all lived with her older sister, while their parents live in the highlands of La Paz with two younger daughters.

The eldest children live in the area of ​​Tilata on their own so that they can attend school. Three of them attend(ed) Project Sariry while their parents continued to work in agriculture and livestock in order to provide for their children's education. Sonia and her two younger brothers were quite young when they first arrived at Sariry and needed support - emotionally and with their living arrangements, basic nutrition and school work.

They benefited greatly from the care provided at Project Sariry, showing tremendous motivation and commitment to their studies and to achieving their academic goals.

In 2017, Sonia was accepted to the University of The City of La Paz, which has very competitive entry requirements. This was a huge accomplishment for Sonia and an extremely proud moment for Project Sariry. In addition, Sonia's younger brother, Ivo, was accepted into the military school of Music, and the youngest brother, Ever, is now applying to enter university or to the music academy. He is following in the footsteps of his older sister and brother.  

Sonia continues to study and is very motivated to conclude her degree in architecture next year. She is currently supported by Bolivia Kids through a scholarship to complete her degree. 

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