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Kids For Kids

We are a group of students from Calgary, Canada, that have been inspired by Erika, a Bolivian student with a dream to attend post-secondary education and become an Accountant.


Wow. Thank you for your support! We sent Erika a note that we reached our goal! Our campaign runs until December 1st. Funds that exceed our goal will go to the Bolivia Kids Scholarship Fund to help other children pursue higher levels of education. 

Thank You!

Meet Erika

Erika should be attending grade 12 classes this year, but her entire school year has been cancelled in consequence of the pandemic. The Bolivian government is not offering any formal education this year - not even on the radio, TV, or through the internet, like other countries have done. Students are expected to advance to the next grade when in-person schooling hopefully returns next year, but this loss of learning has many negative consequences. UNICEF Bolivia estimates that the school closure could cost this generation an 8% - 10% drop in their future earnings.

Erika, who lives with her mother and four younger siblings in a marginalized neighbourhood, has remained steadfast in her commitment to learning and undaunted by another hurdle in life. She decided to complete the grade 12 curriculum this year on her own! Fortunately, Erika is a part of Project Sariry, a local initiative funded by the Canadian NGO Bolivia Kids. Through Project Sariry, Erika meets with an instructor regularly outside her house to support her learning. At the end of this month, Erika will graduate from high school solely through her own determination.

Erika’s household poverty and the devastating economic impacts of the pandemic mean that she can’t realize her goal to enrol in post-secondary education without financial support. We do not want to see her incredibly hard work and dreams thrown away because of circumstance, and so we have partnered with Bolivia Kids to start a campaign for a scholarship fund


Our goal

Our immediate goal is to raise $1,300 to cover the cost of Erika’s first year at university. We hope to raise an additional $1,300 for the scholarship fund to support many more talented students in this Bolivian community that lack financial access to post-secondary education. We invite you to join us in this venture by making a donation.


There are also Christmas cards, friendship bracelets, and note cards which are for sale below. 100% of sales will go directly to supporting Erika in her journey to becoming an accountant!

Our inspiration 

Erika’s story inspires us. With quarantine disruptions, online learning, and social distancing in our own schools, we have found learning during the pandemic hard at times. Her resilience reminds us that education is a right for all children and that easy access to it is a privilege we should not take for granted. By supporting Erika to reach higher levels of education, we know that not only will she have the opportunity to change her own life trajectory, she can break a cycle of poverty for her future children and grandchildren, and for generations to come. Education is powerful; help us spread it.

How you can help

We invite you to join us in this venture by making a donation on our GoFundme Link above or to purchase any of the gifts below. 100% of sales will go to this cause!


Thank you for your support!


Fleur, Madeline, Grace & Georgia

Made by kids for kids

100% of all proceeds will go to Erika's Scholarship fund!  

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