To support a child, you must also support their family. Bolivia Kids has prioritised a much-needed initiative to build a temporary family's shelter at Project Sariry. A simple one-room shelter would be built to provide short-term, emergency refuge for women and their children at risk of domestic violence. 


Project Sariry also supports vulnerable women and families to promote child protection, prevent family violence and to challenge beliefs and attitudes that foster gender inequality. Bolivia Kids mother's group also provides training in small-scale trades that can help women earn extra money and become self-sufficient.



Buy A Brick. Build A Shelter.

  • For each of our Charity Gifts we will send you a downlaodable certificate that you can keep yourself or personalise and give as a gift. So, as well as putting a smile on the face of your loved one, you can be happy in the knowledge that your gift will keep on giving to those most in need. 

    *Please get in touch for a tax receipt for any donation above $50.